ALS Resources

ALS Resources

Resources for ALS - Below is a list of organizations and ALS links that may provide much useful information for people with ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Health Library
A great site from the University of Cincinnati on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

The ALS Association
This national non-profit organization is committed to research, patient support, information, advocacy and public awareness.

ALS Association chapters are grassroots organizations that carry out ALSA's mission and strategic goals at the community level. The chapter provides a wide range of services for people living with ALS.

If there is not a chapter in your area, information and referral services are provided through ALSA's National Office,
(800) 782-4747.

Project ALS
This organization provides funding for cutting edge research. It was founded by Jenifer Estess, whose beautiful book "Tales From The Bed" is available on their web site.

Les Turner ALS Foundation
Supports medical research and employs a full time genetic counselor to discuss the complex issues associated with risk assessment and genetic testing for ALS. Provides genetic counseling to families who may have the gene responsible to the familial form of ALS.

Ride for Life
Ride for Life, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation founded by ALS patients, caregivers and those who care about people living with ALS. Their mission is to raise public awareness, assist research in finding a cure and support ALS patients and their families.

They are called "Ride for Life" because of their annual event in the spring in which ALS patients ride their wheelchairs from Manhhattan to Montauk to raise funds for a cure and create awareness of this horrible disease.

This organization has a wonderful section on stem cell therapy, with lots of first hand accounts of People with ALS receiving stem cell surgery in China.

Eric Edney's Web Site
Eric Edney, author of "Eric is Winning - Beating a Terminal Illness with Nutrition, Avoiding Toxins and Common Sense" gives regular updates on his condition and his regimens on this website.

Never Give Up 4 PALS
Raises money for ALSA by selling red wrist bands.

German ALS Support

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have information on local ALS organizations in your area. Please refer to the ALS Association above.

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More Information on Alternative Support Therapies for ALS
Other Useful Information for People with ALS

Useful Tests
The following tests may be extremely useful for people to both tailor your therapeutic supplements program and to chart your progress.
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Detoxification Therapy
There is growing evidence that environmental toxins play a major role
in numerous neurological disorders.
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pH Balance Therapy
A balanced body pH is crucial to any healing program. The cause of disease, according many experts, is over acidification, from diet, stress, toxins, etc.
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Antioxidant Therapy
Most of you have heard of antioxidants and know that they are good for you.  Antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals. 
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Herbal Therapy
Herbs that have beneficial properties
to support neurological health.
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Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamins & minerals that can be useful for people with neurological symptoms.
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Viral & Bacterial Support
Scientists have long surmised that
there may be an infectious component to neurological symptoms, and while
this has not been proven, it would be prudent to take natural and safe substances that effectively rid the body of viruses, bacteria and mycoplasma. 
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Supportive Supplements
Here is an additional list of supplements that may also be helpful for people with neurological challenges. 
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ALS Links and Resources
The following organizations may
provide much useful information for people with ALS/MND.
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Causes of ALS
While the actual cause of ALS/MND remains unknown, there are presently several theories being put forward. 
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Early Symptoms of ALS
The onset of ALS/MND is often very subtle – these are the initial symptoms to watch for.
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Genetic Testing for ALS
ALS/MND is hereditary in only 10 percent of families.  The vast majority of ALS cases are sporadic, meaning that although there is likely a genetic predisposition involved, ALS is not directly inherited in a family. 
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Diagnosing ALS
ALS/MND is one of those diseases that is very difficult to diagnose.  There is no one test that will definitively tell you whether you have ALS. 
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ALS and Dental Amalgams
The use of mercury “silver” amalgams in dental fillings has been an accepted practice in the United States for more than one hundred years.  Therefore, most people assume that their “silver” fillings are safe and non-toxic. Not so.
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Dietary Regimen for ALS
This part of the ALS/MND protocol requires following a very specific dietary regime. This may be the most challenging aspect for many people with ALS. 
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Medications for ALS
There are various medications that are being prescribed for people with ALS/MND as their symptoms progress.
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Stem Cell Therapy
There is a huge and widespread interest in the ALS/MND community in stem cell therapy, both in how it is helping people with ALS today and how it may benefit people with ALS in the future. 
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